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10 Reasons NOT to hire Peter Doyle

by Peter on September 11, 2007
  1. Peter Doyle may just call you up at random times to see how your wedding planning is going. He Cares.
  2. Peter Doyle likes to wear dress pants, a dress shirt, dress shoes, and even a tie to your wedding. He Cares.
  3. Peter Doyle may just send a birthday card to you because it’s your birthday. He Cares.
  4. Peter Doyle likes to know how the bride would like to see herself in the wedding portraits, so he may just ask and wait for a response. He Cares.
  5. Peter Doyle is open to suggestions on what you want. He Cares.
  6. Peter Doyle likes to keep in constant communication and keep you updated on what matters to you. He Cares.
  7. Peter Doyle can pretty much arrange anything for you. Would you like the premier make-up artist to take care of you or would you like an engagement session at Turner Field? He Cares.
  8. Peter Doyle knows who is number one on you day. Hint: not Peter Doyle. He Cares.
  9. Peter Doyle is a service professional and returns calls on weekends and returns calls on weekdays after 5pm. He cares.
  10. Peter Doyle Cares.

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