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by Peter on December 28, 2007


FORGET throwing your wedding dress into a plastic bag and storing it in the attic. Enter the Trash the Dress photo session, in which the bride, post-wedding, jumps back into her gown and puts it through its paces — swimming in it, wearing it on horseback, even burning it — all while her photographer clicks away” New York Times Article

I think that this is a great concept and an opportunity for the Bride to experience a photo shoot where she can just let go and get some great shots of her in places that one would never think about being photographed. I think that every woman wants to feel and know that she is a supermodel and this is a great chance to have her inner supermodel come out. It is not for the faint of heart. This is for those who want to open themselves to the world and be a spectacle to it. I am certainly an advocate of this because every Bride has a story to tell and I think that this is a great way to do it.

HOWEVER, there is good and bad trash the dress sessions. The purpose of the session is to create photographic art of the Bride who is wearing a wedding dress and not a Bride who happens to be wearing a wedding dress. Here are a couple from a session from this past summer downtown ATL.

cross the line

cross the line


Take a look at the website of John Michael Cooper of Alt F. He is the guy to be said that started the trend. He has some really good stuff and is a guy that I study to emulate. CLICK HERE TO CHECK HIM OUT!


Trash the Dress
Trash the Dress
Trash the Dress

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