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An Interview with Kat Flynt

by Peter on April 10, 2008

kat flynt

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There is no Question that Make-up is one of the most overlooked part of your wedding day. I sat down with Atlanta’s Primier Make-Up Artist , Kat Flynt, to find out how to not only get the most out of your MUA (Make-up Artist) but also how to prepare for your wedding day with your MUA.

Q: Why is it beneficial for me to hire a professional makeup artist instead of doing my own makeup?

A: While you may be very experienced at doing your own makeup everyday and it may be an awesome “everyday look” you will want a professional to do your makeup on this most important day for several reasons: 1) a more polished look, with professional products, created to last throughout the day and into the evening; 2) relaxing and enjoying these few minutes of pampering during an otherwise busy day will help calm nerves; 3) professional makeup artist will provide an application that is going to look great in person, up close & personal as well as looking fabulous for your photos; 4) you and all your bridesmaids will be coordinated and no worries about one of them wearing “distracting” makeup when your professional makeup artist is providing makeup applications for all of them.

Q: Should I book my makeup artist for just our initial makeup applications or should I pay the extra to have her stay and be available for touchups during the photos between the ceremony and reception?

A: In most cases your professional makeup artist is providing you with makeup applications intended for long wear and no touchups should be needed. The exception to this would be outdoor weddings during the summer when the Bride and bridesmaids may tend to “glisten” and therefore need minor powder touchups during the photos between the ceremony and reception. You can discuss these options during your trial run with your makeup artist and if you will not be paying the extra to have her stay for touchups then have her provide you with a list of each bridesmaid’s recommended touchup powder. You may want to have Bridesmaids purchase and bring their own lipstick as well in case they eat or drink after their makeup applications have been completed. No other touchups should be needed after professional makeup application.

Q: Should I request a trial run? And if so, how long before my wedding?

A: Yes. If booking the trial run in order to choose a makeup artist then you will be asked to pay a minimal fee. If you have already chosen a makeup artist then the consultation (or “trial run”) is usually included in your package at no additional charge. After you reserve your date with your makeup artist, it is suggested that the Bride come for a pre-wedding consultation or “trial run” to choose and try on makeup shades at least two weeks prior to the Wedding Day. It is important that the makeup artist know your expectations as well as having an opportunity for you to try the shades prior to your most important day. Some brides prefer soft, natural shades while others prefer more color especially for evening weddings. When taking into consideration the importance of this day and the money you spend on your wedding and your photographs – being happy with your makeup is of utmost importance.

Q: What should I expect from my makeup artist?

A: You should expect a makeup artist to always be on time and efficient with the time allowed for makeup applications. Photographers do not like working with makeup artists who run late with the makeup applications and therefore cut into their shoot time. And less shoot time means less photos of your special day.

Q: What questions should I ask when searching for a makeup artist?

A: Most Brides prefer a makeup artist who is licensed (Esthetician). If this is important to you then ask up front, before booking the artist, if she is a licensed Esthetician. Also ask to see photos of her previous work. Any professional makeup artist will have either a printed portfolio or an online portfolio or both. Look at her website (or printed portfolio) and ask yourself if the makeup artist has photos of her previous work that reflects styles similar to what you are looking for.

Q: How do I know my makeup artist can really give me what I want?

A: Again, I recommend a trial run. Feel free to take photos of makeup styles you like with you to your trial run. This way the makeup artist can see your preferences and guide you to a finished look that fits your style.

Q: How much time should I allow for makeup applications for each of my bridesmaids and myself?

A: I always ask that the Bride allows one hour for her makeup application and thirty minutes for each of the attendants makeup applications. I allow the extra time with the Bride as a cushion in case of interruptions. It is very important that the Bride makes sure each of her bridesmaids understand the importance of being on time for their makeup appointments. If makeup applications run late then this cuts into your time in front of the camera which means less photos and a less than happy photographer.

Q: Should I book my makeup appointments before or after the hair appointments?

A: I always do makeup applications after the hair is done. Again, when making your schedule, make sure you allow enough time to get from your hair appointment back to your location for makeup when booking the appointments and remember it is important not to be late for your makeup appointments so make sure your hair stylist will be on time and efficient with their time allowance as well.

More Tips from Kat Flynt on getting the best results from your makeup.

It is very popular now for brides to set up a series of facials with their Esthetician in the Day Spa during the weeks leading up to their Wedding Day. While that is a great idea – it is even more important what you do a daily basis.

• Avoid things that will dehydrate your skin such as alcoholic beverages, sodas, sugar, etc… Dehydrated skin will have the appearance of fine lines.
• Avoid foods that have proven to break out your skin in the past.
• Drink a lot of pure water during the weeks leading up to your wedding!!
• Use cleanser, toner, and moisturizer every morning and again every evening just before bed. Use exfoliant (after cleanser & before toner) once or twice per week. If your moisturizer does not have sunscreen in it – then use a foundation with sunscreen during the day

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