April 22, 2008 Peter

The Lion King

Broadway Lion King image

For the second and much more appreciated time I experienced the Broadway show, “The Lion King” at the Atlanta Civic Center this past Friday. I went a few years ago and because I was preoccupied with unimportant thoughts so I didn’t fully appreciation the show. Although I have a background the arts, drama, and music performance I was amazed at how the show was put together. It’s amazing that I went from seeing people dressed up as animals to seeing the animals AS THE CHARACTERS! The show was so engaging that I don’t think I heard any children talk or attempt to disrupt for a little attention. Remember that a lot of parents will take their children to see the show because of the cartoon.
So allocate some much-needed time with yourself and others and go see the show. My recommendation though is to sit on the floor. You’ll experience more surprises that way

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