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by Peter on May 16, 2008

Barbie Adler Selective Search

– Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…I swiped the photo from Glenn Becks website –

I was surfing through the XM Nation and came across Glen Beck’s interview with Barbie Adler . Barbie (that’s her real name, Beck asked) has a company Selective Search in which you hire her to search out the love of your life. I have heard about these services and have read some articles in the Robb Report issues but this was the first time that I have heard an interview with the actual person who does the searching. Barbie’s back ground is in Headhunting for Fortune 500 companies. Well, she just took this background and focuses it on selecting your mate.

I was a little hesitant about the whole idea but the more I thought about it the more I say her point of view and those who might use her services. First let me say that her minimum is 20,000 DOLLARS!!!!! What does this tell you. It tells you its mostly likely for those people who make a lot of money and don’t have time to go out and meet people. Those who make 6 figure incomes or more typically are work-aholics. As a result, at least men, they aren’t going out to places that single women go. They are typically in board meetings and events that they are there for specific reasons that are not related to finding a mate for life.

Well, Barbie will get the information of the type of mate you are looking for that pertains to religious views, personality, background information on family and other related information. Beck did ask about those women that are just looking for a man with a lot of money. Barbie made the point of saying that she does look out for those and can find them pretty quickly.

It does beg the question about falling in Love and Love at first sight. I’m going to have to think about this type of dating a little more and consider the situations in which those who would use this service. I am a romantic at heart and I love hearing the stories of those couples’ love history and how and when they knew that they knew that they were to be together forever. Tell Me what you think.

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