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MOM plus ONSTAR Commercial equals proud son

by Peter on May 21, 2008


Here is a vid of the commercial that my mom was in with ONSTAR a few months back. I remember seeing the commercial for the first time in a gym and was really excited about it. Excited so much that I had to tell someone. The Problem: I was working out pretty late and no one was in the gym. So I called me mum. Well, as you can imagine that her part isn’t that long since they are trying to show as many emergency people as possible that are going to respond in a 20 to 30 second spot. She was a police officer and retired as a Sergent with the LAPD and as such she is a police officer in the commercial. So to help you see her I have included some text to point her out.

She was also cast in a speaking role with Forest Whitaker in the upcoming movie Powder Blue . I don’t know when it is coming out because all it says is that it is finished. When it comes out I’ll let you know. Take a look at her information on IMDB

{vidavee id=”9042″ w=”320″ }

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