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IOU a Thank You

by Peter on June 16, 2008

thank you
The long drive home from weddings gives me some time to think about things and get a little perspective. I don’t know of any other service profession in the wedding industry that can be more intimate than that of the wedding photographer. Every other vendor’s purpose is to enhance the families’ guests’ wedding experience. The family invests in me to record a day that will never happen again for the benefit of their future generations. These photographs will be used for the benefit their future generations of what it is to start a family that will potentially change the world and serve as an example of selfless love.

But my perspective wasn’t about the weddings I photographed or the couples that I befriended but HOW IN THE WORLD DID I GET HERE! My clients tell me that I have a certain style and feeling when they look at my work. I am truly thankful and deeply encouraged by such openness and thoughtfulness. My style just didn’t come about because I picked up a camera but as a result of those who have contributed to my life. Those experiences are what drive me to excel as well as the overall composition of the photos that I take.

Individuals are special, unique, and extremely valuable. Relationships are the combinations of this value and that is why marriages are so special. I always have this in mind when approaching the wedding day. There have been a number of people who have taken time to be this example to me and I would like to thank them. I honestly pray that God Almighty will bless them 1000x more than what they have invested in me. Even then I don’t know if this will satisfy such a debt that I have to them.

I indeed hope that I am aware of my surroundings enough to assist in the personal development of those around me as those who took notice of me.


Here is the line that got me here:


  • The person who designed the camera desplay at Best Buy that the Canon Rebel (film) was in that got my attention.
  • My Mom who was willing to buy me that camera for Christmas. This was the same mom who was willing to drive her son six hours to northern California so he could watch the Santa Clara Drum Corps practice for the weekend just because it was important to him.
  • Michelle who thought enough of me to let me photograph her concerts.
  • Collin Brown who suggested that I photograph New Song’s concert and as a result my photograph was chosen asthe cover photograph.
  • Sherri who offered me the opportunity to photograph: Mercyme, Amy Grant, Mutemath, and others
  • Tim and Terri that took me in when I had no money. I will be forever thankful for this family.
  • The couples that trusted me enough to photograph their weddings
  • The production team from First Baptist Church Woodstock who gave me an opportunity to hone my photographic skills.
  • Paige Patterson who took time out of his busy schedule on a number of occasions as the President of the Convention to meet with me after hours.
  • Paul Pressler who replied to a personal note about my concerns as to what to do after college.
  • Pastor Cronin who believed enough in me to help contribute to my college fund as well as provide a way for me not to be stranded in the North East.
  • My father who taught me that perspective can never be determined by my emotions and that you always adhere to your obligations..
  • Greg how gave me the opportunity to teach.
  • Dr. L. Wayne Gertmenian (click here to read his articles on world affairs) who accepted me (a nobody) into his home just because I asked had a few questions to ask. I had an audience with him for 3 hours!!!. (I am so sorry that I did not thank him as I should have)
  • Famous and soon to be famous photographers who were willing to share their knowledge with me to help me so that I may be successful.
  • Joe Photo Check out his blog: He took the time to meet me for lunch in San Diego just because I asked. His generosity of time is forever greatful.  
  • Charles and Jennifer Marring They photographed the Trump wedding and the Star Jones Wedding
  • Dixie Dixon
  • Matthew Jordan Smith a guest judge on “America’s Next Top Model” who couldn’t believe that I won money at a slot machine the first time I tried but who taught me that no matter where you are if you can bring out the best in people you will have treasured photographs.
  • Lori Nordstrom one of the top childrens photographer in America. YOu can’t deny her love of children.
  • Ernie Russell
  • Brian Sutton

  •  Joe Buissink: his passion for people inspires to find the soul and preserve it for others to see

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