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The Happening Movie M. Night Shyamalan

by Peter on June 16, 2008

The Happening aint so happening

The Happening movie

The Happening Movie Website

As of today I have heard very bad reviews of “the happening.” As of “Lady in the Water” I have lost some confidence in Shyamalan’s work. There are some stories that shouldn’t be retold because they are that bad. As one person said, “I would have been better off playing the lottery. At least that way I had a chance of making my life a little better.” Suffice it to say….If i do get the strange urge to abuse myself by going to watch this movie, I will run to the closest gas station to invest in my children’s education one ticket at a time.

If you don’t believe take a look here: Rotten Tomatoes Movie Reviews

Article on Shyamalan’s statement that “The Happening” is a B movie

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