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Chasing Cool, Authenticity and Married Couples

by Peter on June 24, 2008

chasing cool book

I downloaded the audio book, “Chasing Cool” last year because it had an interesting title. Sometimes those types of purchases will haunt you because they weren’t what you thought that they would be. In short, not authentic. No matter what your age demographic we tend to find that next “big” thing that will make our life better or help communicate to the world who “I” really am. The thesis of the book is that, Cool will always be related to that which is authentic. Nobody wants to buy into a fake. Nobody wants to be friends, enter into relationships, or even be a fake. We want to embrace the authentic “me” and have relationships with those that share the same authenticity.
Authenticity is, “something that is reliable, consistent, trustworthy, and true to its core or essence.” We want Authentic relationships because we want to give our hearts to those who mean what they say and say what they mean. Authenticity is also related to timelessness. Only that which is true is timeless. True love based on commitment, sacrifice, selflessness, nurturing behaviors, and faithfulness (just to name a few) will by default be timeless.
I just photographed a wedding where an attending couple made the spotlight because they were married the longest. 57 YEARS!!!! Who wouldn’t say that that relationship was authentic and who wouldn’t say that a couple who kiss in public after 57 years wasn’t cool?

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