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My disabled car

by Peter on July 10, 2008

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Me and a car part…..?

so I decide to get up a little early today and get me car a much needed oil change. So I headed down to the Car Spa. Everything was looking good. The mechanics didn’t even ask me to come look at the car and let me know what was going on with it. Well, when it was all finished the car wouldn’t start. It was dead AND I JUST CHANGED OUT THE BATTERY THIS PAST WEEKEND!!!!! So here is how this story played out . . .

– Called a bunch of people to see if they could help (These are the times when you remember the value of good networks of quality people)

– My assistant was able to come assist me….

– Must diagnose a car problem and I don’t want to pay anyone to fix it although I don’t know if I can fix it or not.

– I assume that the problem is most likely three things: battery, alternator, starter.

-called Pep Boys and they said they had a alternator (I am really hoping that it is the alternator)

-Show up to Pep Boys and they said they didn’t have an Alternator! Curse you Manny, Moe and Jack!!!!

-Went to Auto Zone (love me some Zone) and they had one Alternator but suggested that I get the one in the car tested (that way I don’t buy anything that I don’t need). So we went back to the car and I took out the alternator and back to Auto Zone I went to get it tested.


– Back to the car we went to get the batteies (Remember I have two because I just switched them out) and then go back to auto zone. While there I had to put the alternator back into the car.


– Back to the car we went to get do the deed of taking out the starter. This was my last hope.

-Got a jack, lifted the car, slide under the car on the asphalt and took out the starter and back to Auto Zone we went to have it tested.

-THE STARTER FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Bought new starter (under 200.00) and installed it before it started to rain!!!!!!!!!!!

-OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!

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