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The Business of Relationships

by Peter on July 22, 2008

invisible touch book harry beckwith

“Work is not about business, it’s about us. The human dimension of business – the messy, emotional, utterly, human dimension – is not merely important; it is all-encompassing. As a result, we must plunge into the world of feelings – truly frightening territory.”

Harry Beckwith in his book “The Invisible Touch”


Every since I was a wee-little-lad I remember wanting to be in some form of the service industry. Although I would not have called it as such, I just knew that I liked offering solutions to real and perceived needs. I attempted to sell goods to my friends that created value for them and I worked with a pool cleaning service in California for those who lived in mansions when there was a need. In middle school, I even offered bodyguard services to those who were bullied or felt bullied. In college I started an at home auto detailing service for those who lived in higher end developments.

Now, I get the opportunity to help those in a far meaningful way with wedding photographs. Although I may give my clients a tangible product such as an album and CD/DVD, I am really providing them a service in which they are investing for their future generations. It seems to me that to properly photograph a couple you have to get to know who they are and the essence of that relationship. You have to find that essence and bring it to the service so that those who see those photos will see that essence. I recently asked a bride, “What is the most important aspect of your relationship with Kyle?” She was at first very taken aback because of how vague and open that question was. As a result, she opened up and told me so very important and meaningful things about their relationship that could only be specific to them. I will use this information when setting up their photo shoot and as a result, they will not only get great photos but also photos that will be meaningful to them.


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