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Jeff Bridges Returns to Tron 2 in 3D

by Peter on July 25, 2008
Jeff Bridges
Tron 2 in 3D


Well Disney is going back to its roots with the showing of a Trailer from the new Tron 2 in 3D at Comic Con. This first thing I thought was CGI to the millionth power. I was just a wee-young-lad when I saw the first movie back in the late 80’s. A friend of mine and I were speaking about how Disney is going to introduce Jeff Bridges back into the storyline. It seems that Jeff will most likely be put in a situation that he will have no other choice but to go back to save someone or the world in general.

One thing going for Disney is that they have money. If they work as hard as they did with Pirates of the Caribbean then this is going to exceed everyone’s expectations. Since it has been over 20 years I don’t think that Disney is going to write a story that only those who have Tron bed sheets can understand. One thing I am looking forward to is not knowing the storyline. The last time I didn’t know anything about the storyline or even saw a trailer was for Gladiator  

I found the news on the upcoming film on

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