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by Peter on July 31, 2008

I know, I know, I know…Cheesecake Day was a few days ago so why bring it up now….it’s old news right? Well…of course it’s NOT OLD NEWS!!!! Everyday might as well be cheesecake day! As long as I can remember I have always loved it. Especially Peanut Butter….yum,yum,YUM!!! In fact just about anything with peanut butter tastes better. Maybe except for peanut butter and fish. Anyway, while i was at Barnes and Noble chomping on some of their Cheesecake Factory Cheese Cake I wondered what would be a good drink to go with it. So I thought I would contact the professionals at (Dang it, I should have bought that URL for $10.00 years ago when I had the chance. Oh well…millions gone.) Here is the email and their response. By the Way….let me say that they responsded THE NEXT DAY. “Surely” I thought to myself, “they are not going to respond to me very quickly unless I buy something.” But sure enough, as I said, I got a response the very next day.

Dear Mr. Doyle,
There are so many options when pairing beverages with cheesecakes. I suggest red wines, as white wines generally do not hold up to the creaminess of the cheesecake. Something big like a zinfandel goes great with just about any flavor cheesecake. Coffee drinks also go well with cheesecake. Coffee with Bailey’s compliments any of our caramel or chocolate flavor cheesecakes.
Good luck with your pairings. I’m sure you will have fun!


The site is easy to navigate through and it really gives you all the information on purchasing and choosing your cheesecake (specialty or your traditional flavors). I say forget the traditional…you can have that anytime. Get the specialty and brag to your friends that you have a most discerning palate) The only need that I thought the site should have is a resource on the history of the cheesecake and/or interesting facts on cheesecake. This would make the site a little more interactive as well as seen as an expert on the food. Although, I will have to say that just having makes them seem as such.

My two slices of cheesecake (not suggested at the sametime)

What I had to drank…apparently not suggested by

Resources for the cheesecake lover:

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