August 4, 2008 Peter

Google Analytics,Me, and the Blog

About two months ago I started focusing the StoryBoard blog on things I was interested in and what was going on with me rather than showing all the photographs that I had taken the previous week. I assumed that if you wanted to see my photos then you would have gone to to see them. Well, there has been a hugh jump in traffic and a hugh number of you who stop by multiple times throughout the month. So I thought that I would take a few mins. to say a word of thanks to YOU ALL for stopping by and visiting throughout the month. So that you can see what I am talking about I have included 2 screen shots from Google Analytics from the past two months.

In June there were only 293 times that people looked at the blog from various computers and 178 absolute unique people visit my blog. This just means that 178 different people stopped by with about 115 of them stoppeing by at least once. However, In the month of July you can see that the blog was visited 622 times with 465 absolute unique visitors. Which means that at least 157 decided to come back and show some love at least once. By the way…if you have a site and want to monitor the traffic then head on over to Google Analytics. It’s very, very easy to get the code and set it up on your pages you want monitored.

Again thank you very much to those who came by to visit or at least to those who went to as many different computers throughout the month and stopped by.

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