August 5, 2008 Peter

2008 Aston Martin DBS, I want it!

I was visiting a blog on cars and came across an entry about the 2008 Aston Martin DBS! at and I certainly made a comment about it. You must remember the car that sold me on its safety when Bond attempted to save the girl in Casino Royal don’t you? Well, I certain do remember. Sometimes there is a fine line between wants and needs. Either way, I would certainly want it. I don’t think that I would want to drive the Martin everyday….i think that would be a little silly to do so at the cost of a nice home. Sorry I should have said house….although you may be able to buy a house you can only make a home.

Practically, i’m not sure that this car would help me anymore than just boosting my ego a few notches. If a client of mine saw me drive up to the wedding in the Martin I would think that they may contemplate that they may have just paid for the car more than the photos. So in this case it might not be a good marketing tool. Although clients want those with whom they do business to be successful I don’t think that clients want to subsidize a particular lifestyle rather than the quality of the service they are investing.

So to think about it….I would want the Martin a few times out of the month. Better yet….maybe I could have a few friends who trust me enough to drive it around a few times a month and pay me to do so. Kinda like car sitting!

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