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Teaching Your Wife a Lesson: Redneck Style

by Peter on August 12, 2008

In any marriage there are going to be times when one spouse tells the other that he/she should listen to them so that things will go as they should…AKA the best way to do things.  Well, here is a husband who explained to his wife the importance of handling a gun safety. It seems that she didn’t take heed to his advice of and the husband resorted to using negative association to remind her of his advice. Well, watch the video and tell if you think that this was the best way to go about it. By the way…it was a wife that introduced the vid to me and she thought that it was really funny. I hope you do too!

I was introduced to this video not to long ago and I thought that it was one of the funniest “I’ll get you back” situations ever. Maybe it is because I can see a little of myself in this. Although let me tell you that I think I would have chosen a different method but it is really funny never-the-less.

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