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Dave Matthews’ Sister

by Peter on September 10, 2008

The first time that I listened to “sister” was from a DVD of the Tim and Dave concert at Radio Music Hall. In his commentary, he stated that he and his sister (anne) thought that God had put her heart in his chest and his heart in her chest. This was very moving for me because it really speaks of relationships that run deep.

It seems that God has made us such that the nature of our heart is to bind itself to another. God wasn’t kidding when he spoke of a man and woman becoming one when he spoke of marriage. I have seen couples during their first wedding dance try to get soo close in their embrace with one another. It is as if they just can’t get close enough. Here are some characteristics of couples who have been married 30-50 years

  • Where they begin and end has ceased to exist a long time ago
  • They attempt to have their hearts beat as one
  • Divorce is never an option
  • Communication is fundamental
  • Always be considerate and put the other person first

Here is a video of Dave and Tim playing “Sister”

Iphone users click here to see dave matthews and tim reynold play “sister”


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