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Making room at Camp Twin Lakes

by Peter on September 11, 2008

Not too long ago, really May 4th to be exact, I headed over to Camp Twin Lakes for their Volunteer Day. The Camp has these throughout the year to get ready for the campers and their families to come visit. As you know, Camp Twin Lakes is a camp that provides “transformative experiences for children with serious illnesses and other life challenges.” I photographed there for about a day about a month ago but my purpose for this volunteer day was to get my hands a little dirty. I didn’t know what to expect so I wore some jeans and a thick Tshirt.

Since it was May the day was pretty humid and my body did not appreciate the work that I was will to put it through during this most humid day. Well, during the orientation the staff gave us a list of work that we could do. I thought to myself, “Self, we are not going to waste our time fixing baskets, Are you not a man?!” So i marched up to the person who seemed to be in charged and let them know that I wanted to do the most physical work they needed to get finished.

Next thing I know, I was heading over to some woods to cut up some trees that had fallen from the recent storm and to make way for paths for children in wheel chairs. This way they could go through the forest like any other kid could. The staff attendant gave us our orders and I found the nearest axe and got to work. Forget about calling me Peter….call me “Pablo” the Mexican Bunyan. After doing that and piling a heep of trees and branches I headed over to the manly mulcher. While there another staff person took a few photos of me! While I was going over Camp Twin Lakes’ website I was surprised to see myself in two photos

Just an aside: If you are going to volunteer at Camp Twin Lakes please dress appropriately. I am not lying to you when I say that there was a father who did what I did in his Sunday best. I had a really good time volunteering for a few hours and it is nice to contribute to something that will have an affect of others who do not have the luxury of the blessings that we mostly tend to take for granted. So check out their website and set a date to do some good. I did.

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