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Love as a Way of Life Part 2 “Kindness”

by Peter on September 22, 2008

I’ve been reading through Gary Chapman‘s book, “Love as a way of life” and finished the first chapter on Kindness. Here are some things that I have gleaned from the chapter.

Opening Story:

Four women gave the cashier a gift card and said to use it to pay for everyone’s order until it’s empty. The women stayed there and got great joy from just watching the customer’s reaction to the gratuitous . . . .

My Reaction:

It won’t take long before those in the back of the customer line to figure this out and thus order more than usual. In a sense they will take advantage of the gift.

My Second Reaction because I am an idiot:

It’s a girt card. However the customer’s use it is up to them. It is a gift and therefore there are no strings attached. It is like the gift of love we give.

Remember Gary’s definition of Kindness:

Kindness: The joy of meeting someone else’s needs before your own simply for the sake of the relationship.

It’s one thing to meet someone else’s needs before your own. It is quite different to have “JOY” while doing so. You can only do so if you have an attitude of Joy. No matter what happens to each of us we each have the power to choose our attitude. My dad and I were arguing on night because I did not want to go on a family outing and told him in uncertain words, “I’m not going because I won’t have a good time.” He finally told me, “Son, you are going if you like it or not. However, having a good time is up to you.” Well, I figured if I’m going to go then I’d better take his advice and have a good time. In fact, I really did have a good time and am glad my dad took the time to not only put his foot down but also educate me about life.

Being kind to someone is recognizing our own failures before recognizing the failure of others. We are finite beings attempting to understand and live in the world of the infinite. When we see someone is about to back into a car in a parking lot we attempt to get their attention so that they won’t do any damage. We do so because the need of that person was to let them know of the upcoming danger.

We are kind and assist people in their needs because people have value. They mean something even when they don’t mean anything to themselves. And just as Love is a choice so is having and behaving with kindness towards others.

Here are some ideas from the book to get you started in your choice of kindness:

Become aware of the importance of words:

Words can either lift up or destroy someones value. Just as people a meaningful creatures use your words that complement them in a meaningful way.

Gary makes a special note, “Instead of saying, “You fool, you’re going to kill somebody,” maybe you can say, “May you get home safely and not kill yourself or someone else first.”

Listen to yourself speak:

Take a mental note of unwholesome and wholesome words that you are using. Make the proper changes accordingly.

Remember the value of every person you meet:

Humanity is meaningful and has value therefore any and every engagement we have with people could be coupled in Love and in this case, kindness.

Here is a sweet little animation on the principle of putting others first.

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