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Pinocchio, Love, and the Art of Success

by Peter on October 17, 2008

No I’m not going to talk about the love that Geppetto had for Pinocchio. That would be too easy and a little boring. Anyone can write about loving someone that refuses to love you and abuse the grace you have given them. In fact, if Geppetto came to me for advice, I would tell him that his dear Pinocchio needs a reality check and suffer the consequences of this willful actions. I would then personally give him a copy of Cloud and Townsend’s famous books, “Boundaries” and “Boundaries with Kids” Oh bty, the Disney Pinocchio and the Pinocchio that Carlo Collodi wrote about are very different. The Pinocchio in the book just needs a swift kick to the head. Anyway, let me give you some back story in part of the book:

Pinocchio has 4 golden coins and runs into the Fox and the Cat. These two find out that Pinocchio has some cash that they want it. They tell Pinocchio that there is a “Field of Miracles” and if he goes and burys his bag of gold in that field then in less than a half an hour there will be a money tree of one to two thousand gold coins hanging from its branches. After following the directions, Pinocchio thanks them. Their reply, “It is enough for us to have taught you the way to ENRICH YOURSELF WITHOUT UNDERGOING HARD WORK, and we are happy as folk out for a holiday.”

Well, Pinocchio goes back into town and waits. While doing so he begins to think about how much money is going to make by the time he gets back to the field and more importantly, the tree. Think, Think, Think he does and begins to get more elaborate with this thoughts of money. Maybe when he gets there he will not  find not 1000 gold coins but 2000 gold coins. But why not stop there, maybe that 2000 will become 5000 gold coins.

Well, We know what happens when he goes back to find the money. A featherless bird laughs at him because he was an idiot!

Poor little Myopic Pinocchio, did no one tell you how to create meaningful wealth?

CREATING WEALTH: It is a fact that if you want to “create” something then you must invest, cultivate, protect, and harvest so that YOU MIGHT get a positive yield on your investment. I HOPE THAT YOU DIDN’T THINK THAT I WAS JUST WRITING ABOUT MONEY. OH NOOOOOOO.  really hope that it isn’t money because that would be like focusing on the tractor instead of putting it to good use.

Everything is a starting point. Your business, Your friendships, Your personal development. You always expect things to grow. The meaningful relationships that you have now weren’t that meaningful when you first started were they? No, but for some reason we take what the fox said to heart, “ENRICH YOURSELF WITHOUT UNDERGOING HARD WORK,” and expect that this time things will be different. Here are a few examples: (If you think of anymore please let me know)

  • Giving your wife the “perfunctory flowers” but not following through and sitting down with her to speak with her. It worked the first time, why is she all mad about now?
  • Telling your kids that you love them so much that you are going to stay away as much as possible so that they can have as much money as they “need.”
  • Join a Ponzi Scheme with the idea that you are going to make millions without knowing anyone and thus finding yourself hiding your business cards in random books at the local book store.
  • Not being consistent or focused on your follow through of ANY life goals. As a result, no one believes you anymore and they take a back seat and adhere to the “let’s wait and see mentality” only to expect you to crash and burn because you will.
  • Pay hundreds of dollars in “infomercials to riches” products without knowing the market, business, or WHY anyone would even buy it from you.
  • You think by giving everything away (READ heart, emotions, money, time, business cards, iphones, etc) that someone MIGHT connect with you (READ: relationships, customers, family emotional connections, meaningful relationships with with those that you love, etc). In short, don’t be the kid who gave his lunch to gain friends because at the end of the day he just ended up HUNGRY AND ALONE.

Creating wealth in family love and stability, in personal development in which you are a positive influence to your friends and family is what enriches people’s lives.

  • You must invest your talents, gifts, and resources wisely.
  • You must cultivate your relationships and let them know that you want to give them value first.
  • You must protect your meaningful relationships and kick out the FOXES AND CATS!!!!.
  • You must harvest the opportunities that you have created so that your goals will be reached.

What are your thoughts?

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