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How to Fail, How to Succeed (Pt.2)

How to Fail, How to Succeed (Pt.1)

by Peter on October 31, 2008

Ever wonder why some people fail while others succeed? No matter what your definition of failure or success is we can easily agree that there are those that consistently do one or the other. I have heard the reason put this way, “those who succeed will do those things that failures simply will not do.” For example, The successful person will create and write down a definitive goal, create a definitive plan to get there, and will take the time to invest into that plan. Successful people are willing to sacrifice and make a change in their environment to attain that goal. If someone desires to run a marathon then that person will sacrifice and make provision for time to run, eat the proper foodl, and will properly change any aspect of his life that is not conducive to reaching his goal.

The Failure may know the “goal” but will not actively plan to carry out the plan. The Failure will often say, “One day I will . . . .” or “When I get enough money I will . . . ” or “I would have reached my goal if it weren’t for  . . . ”

Although there may be bends in the road the Successful person will determine a way to get through or around those bends.

The Failure waits until the “right time” to act. The Failure will misuse and misappropriate the opportunities he has been given. He will use his time unwisely. He will overspend the money he has set aside for this goals. He will abuse his body with lack of sleep and unhealthy habits which will impede him from reaching his goals.

The Successful person begins where he is standing to reach his goal. The “time” is made right when the the successful person decides that it is the right time. The Successful person does not subject himself to his environment but will subject the environment to himself. The successful person really is the master of his ?? ?fate, captain of his soul.

The Failure will expect minimal work with the greatest given income. The failure will not work to create his environment but will allow the environment to control and create him. And yet when the failure has failed he will look back and exclaim, “See, I would of accomplished all of my dreams if it weren’t for . . .. ”

The Successful person will take what he has been given and create something greater than before. The failure will resent and scorn those that used what they had been given wisely for the simple fact that they do not have it to begin with.

How would you determine what makes someone successful?

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