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Allocating Time

by Peter on December 3, 2008

A roommate told me once that he had a problem with scheduling time for people and events. His lifestyle mantra was, “over commit to many, disappoint a few.” He just couldn’t say no. It wasn’t that he was timid and scared to say no. He just wanted to be part of everything. We in the States we tend to overvalue our time but undervalue those we spend it on. People are important and because we are finite we can’t possibly spend quality time with everyone and anyone all of the time. If we do attempt to have no boundaries concerning time we become “stressed out” and any time that you do spend with others is more about YOU than it is the other person. Who want’s to spend time with someone who just wants to move on? NOT I. 

I put Harry Chapin’s famous song, “Cat’s in the Cradle” as a reminder about allocating time correctly to those that we love. After the video I have suggestions on creating a schedule to spend meaningful time with meaningful people in your life. 



  1. If you don’t have one now go get a planner that includes a monthly overview. 
  2. Write dow everything that you must do within the month to survive. (work, medical appointments, run errands and even spending time alone.)
  3. List everyone that you have been meaning to sit down with or need to sit down with.
  4. Call them up and start setting up appointments with them. Please remember to be flexible. This is about them and not about you.
There are going to be some people that you won’t be able to meet. If that is the case then send them a hand written note. EVERYONE LOVES A HAND WRITTEN NOTE! It’s better to sit down for a few hours to write a 10-20 hand written notes rather than attempting to schedule meetings with all of them over the weekend.
Here’s one important note!!!! Call, send a written note, or an email to someone who is more of an acquaintance than a friend. You never know what they are going through. WHY? Because you haven’t been speaking with them! 
There are plenty of ways to show people that you care with time. Any specific ideas?

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