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Captain Minimalist: Mark Ramskill (and why you should be too)

by Peter on December 13, 2008

I don’t know how I found him but I found Mark Ramskill on twitter. I’m writing about him because of his website, and the simplicity of it. So simple, in fact, that I was taken aback. It made me want to look around. Well, I can’t look to much (that’s the point) because his website serves as a landing page and a launching pad to:

:: Mark Ramskill on Twitter
:: Mark Ramskill TwiTip Article – Using Twitter … ‘The Smart Way’
:: Mark Ramskill on LinkedIn – A Useful ‘About Me’
:: Mark Ramskill on Delicious
:: Mark Ramskill on Ecademy
:: SubHub – My Day Job as Marketing Specialist
:: SubHub’s Facebook Group
:: My Lifestream

In his own words, “ I’m Capt. Minimalism (plus a complete egotist!).” There is something to say about simplifying life by taking out the clutter in life. I didn’t say organize the clutter but to take it out all together. I like his style and I’m going to keep up with him.

You know I just thought of something. Clutter! How many times have you heard of people moving and finding unopened boxes from the last move?! I speak truth to myself because I am finding out very quickly that I like things to be in there proper order. That’s why I buy software like Bento 2 and apply Mackay 66 (this is a link to the pdf) during conversations. This of course isn’t bad but like most tools it can soon take over your intended simplistic purpose. Next thing you know you have a clutter of software that you are attempting to organize the very clutter that you promised yourself to get rid of for the past few years! What the heck are you doing?

My dad used to tell me, “Son, you can’t do everything.” The truth is this, especially for the holidays, we can’t do everything. far too many times we adhere to the life policy, “over commit then disappoint.” Ask yourself what is important to you and set your priorities accordingly. If your family is important then change your schedule to accomodate them. Do I need to write anymore about this today? I don’t think so. So go ahead and stop for a few moments and ask yourself, “What is imporant to me and what am I going to do about it?” I have already thought of mine while writing this so I gots to go. What are your thoughts?

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