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Extraordinary Wedding Videographer: Joel Serrato

by Peter on December 18, 2008

Joel Serrato FilmsI stumbled upon Joel’s website Joelserratofilms.com some time ago and was fascinated with his work. To be honest with you I don’t what it was that attracted me to his work. What I do like are the segments of film that tell the intimate story about the bride and groom. No longer do you have the boring video of people just standing around. Instead, Joel is really the friend that comes along side the bride and groom to film their story. Every couple has a unique story and history. Joel is able to capture it and preserve it for the next generation to experience. Remember that what you will experience is not reliving the wedding day but reliving the commitment made in the midst of friends and family.

Joel not only has a great eye for framing and composing shots but also uses Super 8 mm film. This is a motion picture film format that was released in 1965. What this means is you are going to get the look and feel of a classic film. Who wouldn’t want to be in a classic film?  Fact of the matter is that after twenty-five years of marriage the love between the husband and wife will be seen as a classic love.  What a cool thought that not only will your grandchildren have the opportunity to view still portraits of the day but also see and experience how the bride and groom truely loved one another. I can’t say enough about Joel’s work so you are going to have to visit his site and decide for yourself.

Word of caution: do not let the bride see Joel’s work if you do not intend to hire him. The fact of the matter is that once she see’s his work everything else in comparison will pale miserably.  As a result, you are going to keep hearing, it’s just not like Joel’s! When you do visit him be sure to click on his About page too.

“If there is one goal I have in life, it is to smile at least once a day and in the process evoke a laugh from somewhere.” – Joel Serrato

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