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Carol of the Bells and New Year Resolutions

by Peter on December 26, 2008

 The Christmas season started early early this year with sales and promotions to help stir some consumer purchasing spirit. The day after Thanksgiving, radio stations began playing holiday tunes while parents reminded eager young ones why it was important to be good for “goodness sake.”   The Season builds and builds with anticipation for everyone. You can just feel it in the air and everyone hopes that even the weather will get into the spirt too. Plans for reunions are made, families are created, and sometimes even family quarrels are instigated once again.  

However, once December 26th roles around everything goes pretty much back to normal. We go back to not contacting family for weeks or months. We go back to being a little less patient with those on the road and in our daily interactions. We go back to not being in the “spirit” in that we give “reasons” for not being so cheery anymore. As a result, every year ends the same, big excitement only to fizzle out. 

It seems to be the same way with our personal resolutions to better ourselves. We create plans every year and command ourselves to be disciplined like not other year. We create personal mottos and mantras to stay the course. Yet, most of the time we never meet those goals. The reason I even thought about this was not because of the New Year and the famous, NEW YEAR RESOLUTION but because of one of my favorite Christmas holiday songs, Carol of the Bells

Here’s why.  I went to college on a music scholarship for percussion performance and composition. Therefore, I really like songs that have a heavy rhythmic composition. I love listening to it every year. In fact, I look forward to LISTENING TO IT EVERY YEAR. Carol of the Bells, was first performed in America in 1921. Ever since then it has been rearranged over and over again. We all know what Trans-Siberian Orchestra did with this arrangement and people can’t get enough it. However, no one is clamoring to rearrange, “Jingle Bells.”

So I asked myself. “What have I done that will have an affect on those in the future?” Is there anything that I will do that will be brought up again and again? Is there anything that I will do that people will take and “rearrange” for the next generation?  I know that it sounds silly but I don’t want people to remember my life as a Jingle Bell life. 

Well, what about our own lives. We make plans to accomplish resolutions every year and every year we remind ourselves how consistently inconsistent we are in not reaching our goals. We have 5 more days to resolution time. I have already started writing down goals for this year. What about you? What is it that you want to change for next year. Who is it that you want to grow closer to and have a better relationships with? What talent do you have or interest that you want to cultivate? 

We hear it all the time but life is indeed too short to lose the opportunities that were created for you to embrace.

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