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The Tragedy Of Death And The Celebration Of Life And Memories

by Peter on September 18, 2009

Four hours before Chris Raynor was to be married he died in a car accident. He was 28.

What came to your mind when you read it? (It is a tragic story and yes it is true) What came to my mind was the fact that the bride to be will spend then next few weeks and even months pouring her time in remembering her beloved. She will spend hours remembering the first conversation with her love and the day he asked her to become his beloved for the rest of his life. Where she once only glanced at photographs of them together will now become tear stained from the hours she will hold those photographs in her lap.

I have noticed the wedding photography industry tout the “art” of the photographer and the “moments” that only the photographer can capture for years to come or that the photographer will record “your unique moments” as the unobtrusive guest so that the couple may relive their wedding day over and over again. This tragic story brings that mind set to a halt. Do you think that the bride carried if those photographs of her and her beloved were considered works of “art?” I don’t think so. Do you think that the bride would trade 10 photographs of her and her beloved for one photograph that received an award? I don’t think so either.
Think about this for a moment. Those photographs of her beloved were meant to go down in history for THEIR GENERATIONS. She will most likely get married later on in life but the remembrance of their life together can only be preserved with those photographs.

Although we all remember the rule to “photograph often and backup even more” it usually goes in the “to do” pile. Photographs of friends and loved ones represent history and generations. Please do not take so lightly the responsibility to show and preserve the history for generations.

BTW: here is the link to the story of the Tragedy


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