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Five Steps To Reaching Your Goals In 2010

by Peter on January 12, 2010

I write this post because there have been so many friends and family that have determined to live a better lifestyle, be a better spouse or husband/wife, read more books, or even save up money to get our of debt or to travel but haven’t and network more.

We all know what it means when we hear, “this is the year, this is the year” on January 1 from our friends and family. It means we’re going to hear it again next year. The reason this happens every year is because we have always been taught to make goals but not necessarily how reach them. Think about it. If you didn’t do well in school your parents and teachers just told you to study harder or do better. But what do the words “harder and better” mean?  They don’t mean anything because you never know when you to reach the or even how to do so. The answer isn’t, “study smarter not harder” but what is your specific plan to reach your goal and who is going to keep you accountable for them.

1. Write down your specific goal?

When you define a goal you need to be very specific in your description of it.  Sit back and picture in your mind what it is, what it feels like, how would you describe your life after reaching it. This, of course means goals described as, “I want to make a lot of money” or “I want a bigger house” or even “I want to be successful” doesn’t cut it because you can never know when you reached it. It’s not specific enough.

Example: If you need $24,000.00 to pay off a debt or buy a new car then your goal needs to be , “I will make $24,000.00 in 12 months.”

2. Write down your specific plans in reaching your goal.

You must have specific plans on what you are going to do to reach your goal and what you are going to do to reach that goal. For example, how many extra hours will you have to work to reach your plan. You know what you have to do to reach your goal so plan according.

Example: I will make an extra $2,000.00 per month by working eight hours of overtime per week and every other week paint and clean homes.

3. Stay motivated by memorizing your goal and have preset reference points.

Failure often comes from focusing on the immediate feelings or short sighted winnings rather than the returns of a long term investment. There are times when we are tired emotionally and physically. Memorizing your goal will serve as a reminder that the short sightedness stopping prematurely will delay you reaching your goal. In addition, creating preset reference points will keep you on schedule. Remember that a farmer reaches the goal of a good crop by working hard morning, noon, and night on a return that he won’t see for months but knows it’s coming.

Example: Every month I will tell myself that I need $24,000.00 by years end. Every new month I will focus on earning $2,000.00 and not the thousands I have already earned until the sum is $24,000.00.

4. Create an accountability group.

Accountability group should be composed of those people whom you trust and have your interests in mind.  They are willing to remind you of your goal.

Example: My accountability group will be those that I trust and will keep me accountable that I will not spend the money I earn until I reach $24,000.00 and that I am on task to earn $2,000.00 every month.


Those who are serious and resolute in reaching their goal start where they stand. You can create and write out your goal and your specific plan to accomplish your goal. You can even create an accountability group but the fact of the matter is that if you don’t start then everything you did is going to be meaningless and you will be revisiting these steps next January 1. Start Today, Start Now.

Example: If I am serious and resolute in making $24,000.00 in 12 months then I will give up spending money on wants. I will change my habit of bad time management. I will plan lunches accordingly so that I can take half lunches instead of hour lunches in order to only work an hour and half after work. I won’t wait until Monday or the first on next month. I will start today, I will start now.


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