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After Shock In Haiti Reaches 6.1, Relief Still Needed

Haiti Earthquake Relief Trip: Partners Needed

by Peter on January 20, 2010

On February 6, 2010 twenty medical professionals and myself from my local church (First Baptist Church Woodstock) will travel to Haiti help with the relief that the Haitians desperately needed. IN SHORT. I am raising support from those who would like to partner with me get my hands dirty for Haitian relief. This project will be comprised of mostly nurses and doctors to help those who have not been helped as well as relive the stress of the limited medical attention that has been available. My responsibilities will be to assist the medical personal, assist in grunt work (I’m 6.2 228lbs.), as well as document our work and the work already in progress photographically. It is not only important to share the love of God

So Why I Am I Going?

I’m going simply because I can, I am able, and there are those who, with no fault of their own, need help that I can offer. Back in October, I was interviewed by about the Project Storyboard’s To Have & To Hold breast cancer photo shoot in which she asked me why I started the project. My response is the same as it is here. Nobody asked the Haitians and their visitors the day before the earthquake if they wanted to be threatened with death or die horribly under ruble. Nobody was asked if they wanted to lose loved ones. The day before the earthquake parents dreamed that their children would have a better life then they (just like all parents) and that there children would succeed in reaching their dreams. The last time I checked it was reported an upwards of 70,000 people have been killed. That’s 70,000 families who have lost what is most precious to them. God has given me the ability and opportunity to go and help assuage their pain with the love that He has shown and given to me.  I am looking for partners to help defray the cost of the trip.

In Addition:

The photography and media from the trip will be compiled into a book and sold in which the proceeds will go to Haitian Relief.

Here are the details:

Feb. 6 – 11, 2010

Cost: $1500.00

Vaccinations: $300.00

Airfare: $700.00

Food & Lodging: $300.00

Insurance: $30.00

Transportation: $150.00

Truck Rental: $20.00

$5, $10, $20, or $50 is always accepted. Anything that you can give is certainly appreciated and anything that is given getting me that much closer! Thanks.


How to donate and get a tax write off:

You will have to send a check to send the check to my business address made payable to First Baptist Church Woodstock (do not make it out to me) and note “Disaster Relief” on the memo line. Here is a link to the church First Baptist Church Woodstock. YOU WILL RECEIVE A RECEIPT OF YOUR DONATION so please have the correct address and contact information so that I can make sure this happens. PLEASE LET ME KNOW A CHECK IS COMING IS so I can look out for it.

My business address:

Peter Doyle
Project Storyboard
3330 Cobb Parkway
Ste. 17, #222
Acworth, Ga. 30101

Feel Free To Call
(770) 846-9274

THE EASIEST WAY to give, but you wouldn’t get a tax deduction is to donate through the “chip in” widget at the top right hand side of the page. {A PayPal account is required} This money goes into an account designated specifically for this Haiti Relief Project.  If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact us page or just call!

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