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Thank You Paypal!

by Peter on January 26, 2010

Paypal Update:

Jan. 27, 2010

Well, you can forget everything that I just wrote…The email that Paypal said they would get back with me hasn’t come and when I called the only thing they could tell me was…..”you’ll have to wait and see.”

As you know I’m heading down to Haiti to photograph and help with the relief . As such, I am raising money for the trip and it is 1500.00 which includes everything including vaccinations. So I signed up with Chipin and Paypal. Everything went fine until I get an email from paypal stating that I needed them to show them proof that I was a nonprofit. Backstory: I classified my account as a nonprofit since that is where all the donations are going. BAD IDEA. Project Storyboard is not yet a nonprofit or a not-for-profit entity so Paypay, by law, had put a hold on the account until they confirmed my status for tax reasons….namely TAX EXEMPTION STATUS.

So I called paypal and to be honest I was a little annoyed because it would have been nice if Paypal warned me about what I needed to have available to me to create a “nonprofit” status. ONE thing you have to remember is that you can’t just call them. You have to go to Paypal’s website, click contact us at the bottom of the page and get your Secure Web PIN. I called ready for a brawl but realized that they had all the cards. Well, to my surprised my experience was really good. I explained the situation to the rep and she was really nice and understanding about the situation. I was nervous about it because donations were already in the account and I didn’t want Paypal to hold them hostage. She transferred me to another rep that handled nonprofits and such. This rep was on the ball and ready to serve. He did tell me that Paypal was experiencing a high volume of these inquires because of the Haiti relief effort. He stated that I had to send and email to a particular department to change my account from a nonprofit to a personal account. He also said that he would put a priority on my case number so that once my email gets there it will go right to the top (I don’t know if that was true but it made me feel good.) So I followed his directions to the T. About thirty mins later, while at lunch, I received an email from them stating they would get back with me in about 48 hours. (I felt better but was wondering if I was going to be another person with a horrible Paypal story.)

Well, well, well, I just visited paypal and wouldn’t you know it. My account, has been changed to a personal account and the funds have been released! Now I feel a whole lot comfortable asking people to continue donating via paypal. So thank you Paypal for being on the ball and correcting my mistake.

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