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Haiti Relief Trip Pt. 1

by Peter on February 17, 2010

I got back from Haiti last weekend and what a trip it was. Let’s see. A flight with a layover in Miami in which I almost missed the plane because of a book. Once we got to Santo Domingo we were ushered quite quickly through immigration because one of the members of our team has a brother in the Dominican Republic military…oh yeah..his brother…is a two star general. Then it was a ten hour ride in a bus on roads that haven’t seen a crew since 1972. Because Haiti doesn’t have an acting government we crossed the border with our stopping or getting our passports checked and stamped (I’m still bummed about that!). Once we got into haiti we had about two hours of driving through a 3rd world countryside that I didn’t even know existed. (Yes, I knew Haiti was a country but I didn’t know that it was a 3rd world country.) Well, we then settled down in an orphanage that was next to the Port Au Prince Airport. Read, every morning around 3am a large cargo plane would land and shake the ground.

I’ll be writing more posts about the trip. TO VIEW THE PHOTOGRAPHS FROM THE TRIP CLICK HERE. Because of the nature of the trip I am focusing everything from the trip on www.projectstoryboard.com.

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