Port Au Prince, Haiti Food Distribution (Last Day)
Haiti Earthquake Relief Slide Show

Haiti Relief Food Distribution (Last Day)

by Peter on February 25, 2010

The week of being in Haiti almost seems like a dream. Other than the fact that I have photographs and video to prove I was there I would almost swear that I didn’t even go at all. But juxtaposed with that is the fact that I am still writing about my experience there. I am still talking to people about the trip and planning to return. So here was our last day of distributing food. We were in a rural community in Port Au Prince, Haiti such that the buses had to drop us off and we had to walk the rest of the way. What made this distribution the most dangerous of them all is that fact that there is not local police near by. This community is totally on it’s own. Although there are about 8000 people reside in the community there is no electricity or running water. Because this community is on its own there is a benefit that they must all work together to stay alive. This would work for us but when a necessity like food is in high demand and mothers and fathers are desperate to provide for their families a mob mentality can easily take over.

Let me give you a little context. Let’s say that your family desperately needed food and water. There are four other families in the same predicament. Everyday you see your children growing weaker and becoming more sick. Food is distributed but there are only three bags of food available. You get the line late and you are number four. Would you just politely wait in line and hope there is another bag of food? If you see a bag of food lying next to someone who isn’t paying attention would you pick it up and run? This is the situation what we came into this community.

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