March 3, 2010 Peter

Haiti Earthquake Relief Slide Show

For the past few weeks I have been uploading photographs and videos of my visit to port au prince, haiti. I can image that it gets old seeing the same photographs over and over even though they may tell a particular story. However, I wanted to share a perspective of juxtaposition. With Third Day’s permission I choose Call My Name and Let me love you because the history of Haiti has been fraught with human rights abuses, political upheavals, embezzlement, corruption, and money laundering of millions of dollars donated for the benefit of the Haitian people. A people that have been oppressed over and over again and get a little old. Your view of life is only what you see in front of you and dreams of creating a better life for you and your family are just that.

Although there is an abundance of food at the airport there is not a lot of food going out to the community. The community is doing well for them and there are plenty of entrepreneurs willing to make a little money from selling their wares. However, private organizations such as score international are able to bypass red tape and go directly to the needs of the community. However, every time a child sees a helping hand I think a little hope is shown to them.

What do you think.

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