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A Child With The Heart Of A Lion On A Zip Line

by Peter on April 5, 2010

For the past couple of years now I’ve traveled over to Rutledge Ga. to photograph the campers of Camp Twin Lakes. This usually happens in the summer so it’s really hot, humid and just one long day (mostly because of the drive). Every time I go I am so encouraged by the kids. If you didn’t click on the link for Twin Lakes:

It’s a not-for-profit organization that offers year-round recreational, therapeutic, and educational programs for children facing serious illnesses and other physical, emotional and life challenges.

I cannot express to you what a great opportunity this camp gives parents and disabled children. Children with disabilities often do not have the opportunity to go to summer camp to walk the trails, conquer the ropes course, or even travel on a zip line.  Well Camp Twin Lakes does and our story begins at the top of the climbing wall with the zip line. Camper  Alex (not her real name) was the next camper in line to go down the zip line. She walked up the steps to the top  and as soon as she got to the top in the open air she started crying. She was crying because not only the height but also because there were no walls to keep you from falling. Everyone (including myself had to latch into ropes to keep you from falling off. Heights really don’t bother me but the first time I got up there I was a little disoriented too. To put it in perspective. It’s easy to walk on a board that is a foot wide 6 inches off the ground it’s not so easy because of your perspective at 10 feet even though it’s the same piece of board.

At the top there were two camp counselors who encouraged her. This was her time to conquer her fears and they were going to be beside her the entire time.   She cried and cried and then said she wanted to come down but one of the counselors reminded Alex that her goal for the day to was to go down that zip line. It took some time but she got strapped in and went down screaming for joy the entire way. In fact, I saw her after that and asked her if she had a good time and if she was glad she did it. SHE DID!

Making sure the helmet is on right

You can see all the ropes needed to keep her secure

You can see how high it is

A little encourgement can go a long way

Won't be falling with this many ropes


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