April 17, 2010 Peter

How To Choose A New Boob

susan jeremyOne thing that I had that I don’t is wit. Not only wit but the wit that makes you sound smarter than you are. But here is a story I found on the blog Join Our Loop that made me laugh. It’s the wit of Susan Jeremy.  In fact, here’s and excerpt:

I got a new boob!  I wasn’t looking for one, it just kind of happened. I was living my life, not on the market for any new body parts when, boom! I got one . . . I had to make a similar choice when my ‘89 Dodge Datsun had transmission problems.

Humor can certainly change just about any situation from a negative to a positive. I’m certainly not going to steal some content. So if you want to read the rest of this story then chick here and visit our friends at Join Our Loop! Enjoy. BTY, I would be interested in what your first thought was when you read Susan’s words.


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  1. Irene

    My first thought was:”did anyone ask if you wanted a new boob?” Why is the default assumption that all mastectomy patients actually want something added to hide the fact they have had something real taken away? Give me a real flat chest over fake body parts any day. (And yes, I actually chose to say “no-thank you” to the offer of new boobs)
    I am now going to read the full article…. 🙂

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