April 26, 2010 Peter

Breast Cancer Photo Shoot Models 2010

The “To Have & To Hold” breast cancer photo shoot will start on May 6th and we already have 8 of our 12 models. These men and women are truly inspiring and I can only sit back and ask myself during rough times, “what do I have to complain about?” You will be introduced to Dawn who had her surgery while she was pregnant. Christal and Lisa are going to inspire you in that they are survivors who will be competing in a triathlon at the end of May. What can I say about the Eric and Ralph who have decided to participate and share their stories. I sat with both of them and so motivated to really make a difference in all who I come in contact with.

This is really what this project is about. It is about the stories of men and women who have changed their family history and are creating a legacy that will out live their future generations!

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  1. cecilia villalva

    im interested in this. I just got diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy

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