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Snow Crashes And A Bride’s Testimonial

by Peter on April 27, 2010

The testimony is below.

I think I will always the wedding 3/13/10. It was the day after I got back from Haiti and it was the day after Atlanta and surrounding areas were bombarded with snow and ice. So I’m going to give some background on this story. Planes were grounded in Miami because of the snow and I was wondering if i was  going to have to rent a car and drive all night to make sure that I made the wedding. Well, the last plane to leave that night was cleared to leave and I was rejoicing! By the time I got back to my car it was 3:00am with about 3 inches of snow on the car. Not having all my senses together I misjudged a curb and slammed into it! To put it lightly my car’s alignment was more than just jacked. It was jacked to the point that the only way I could drive straight was to have the steering wheel turned 180 degrees to the right!

I finally got home and into bed by 5:00AM and up somewhere between 7-8AM! Got dressed, packed up all my equipment in the car and got on the road. Since I knew that I wasn’t going to have a lot of energy I bought 2 red bull and left them in the car the previous night. (remember it was and ice storm)

Well, the wedding was up in Rome Ga. which was a good 1.5 hours of travel to the beautiful campus of Berry College. I’ve been up there before so I knew that I would have to travel some back roads which meant that there would be a good chance of dangerous ice and snow on the road. I was right. By the time I got to Berry I saw a truck slide out of control IN FRONT OF ME and slide down a 20 foot embankment, a van that already slide into the woods, and an SUV that slid across a median of trees to incoming traffic and then slide back across. As you can tell I was wondering if I was going to make it on time and more importantly all in one piece.

Well, I made it and I’m so glad that I did. I was not only glad that I made it but the simply fact that it was a beautiful snow wedding. Here is an email that the bride sent to me. One thing that was awesome was that instead of her writing a thank you note she wrote an awesome recommendation that I was wondering if it was someone else she was speaking about.

One thing I try to let all my clients know is that the photographs that a bride and groom receive from me are not for them but for their grandchildren and I think it came across Kerri and Michael.

Not only did Peter brave snow and ice to make it to our wedding, but the photos that he captured were absolutely amazing!  As a photographer, Peter is professional and very attentive to every little detail, yet he is personable as well.  He made the day so enjoyable and I felt completely relaxed with him behind the camera.  I never had a doubt that our wedding photos would be ones that we would always cherish.

We have received a multitude of comments about how wonderful the photos turned out.  My sister-in-law said that Peter did an incredible job just capturing us as a couple, our personalities and our love for one another.  When my mother saw the photos see was overwhelmed and was left speechless with no words to describe them.  I was thrilled that my family loved the photos as much as I did.

Someone once advised me that when it comes to wedding photos, this is not an area where you want to try to cut back.  The price we paid doesn’t even come close to the amount that we value the memories that we will forever have in photos.  With Peter, you get so much more than what you pay for!!

Kerri and Michael

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