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2,243 Miles In 3 Days

by Peter on May 21, 2010

I sometimes have to wonder what I’m doing and why I do it. After graduating high school I drove from North Carolina to Los Angeles to visit my mom. It was the first time that I drove that far alone and it was a great experience for me. The most memorable experience was when I got lost in the Grand Canyon, sleep on the ground at the bottom (with no sleeping bag) and then walked out the following day. I made the trip across country a few more times and told myself that I wouldn’t do that again alone. Well, there was an emergency in the family and I had to go to California and drive back. Luckily, the emergency happened a week before an engagement session and wedding. I started in LA at 12:00pm(PST) on Sunday and made my first stop was on Monday at 6:30am(PST) in Lubbock TX to visit with some friends. I made some good time. I already had packed the food I needed for the trip so the only breaks I took were gas, water and the bathroom. Total drive time 18.5 hours

I left Lubbock TX at about 5am(PST) and about 5hrs stopped in Fort Worth for lunch with some more close friends. The food was great because it was home cooked. I left after lunch and hit the road. I was determined to get to ATL without stopping for a hotel. While on the road I turned on my trusty dash cam to record from my perspective of the roads. View the video here. Drive Time: 24.5 hours

I happily arrived in ATL on 5:30am (PST) and went to sleep. Total Drive Time: 43hrs

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