June 15, 2010 Peter

Summer Camp Engagement Proposal

Gen and I have been dating for over two years and I wanted to propose to her in a way that she and I would never forget. What better way than to propose at a church summer camp in Cocoa Beach where we were counselors in front of almost 300 high school student? So my scandal was to make her think that I didn’t have a ring, that I wasn’t going to propose until the end of June, that the request for her to be a counselor was innocent, that the skit was truly requested by the camp leadership, and to make sure that 300 high school students wouldn’t spill the beans.

Well here’s the vid with the skit entitled: Blind Date Gone Bad.

At the end of the skit I’m suppose to just walk off and her relieved that the date is over but to her surprise she got a nice shiny ring.

Do you think I accomplished my goal in surprising her? ENJOY!

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