June 16, 2010 Peter

Unleash Your iPad in 15 Different Ways!

No I don’t have an iPad but it has crossed my mind and the reputation that Apple has had is that it’s going to be powerful and have the ability to grow with the needs of the consumer. So with that in mind I thought I would summarize an article in the most recent issue of MACLIFE.com that has given 15 NEED TO KNOW How-TOs for the IPad which can be translated, “15 things that are so cool you might just feel silly for not buying it.” BTY…authors are Ray Aguilera, Roberto Baldwin, Cory Bohon, J.R. Bookwaler, Chris Brennan, and Steve Paris. So here are a few of them. ENJOY.

  1. IM & Texting: if you’re a (or at least think that you’re a) social media mogul then look into IM+ which uses one interface to connect EVERYTHING: Skype, AOL, MSN, Twitter, FB Yahoo, Google Talk, Jabber, ICQ, and MySpace.
  2. Photography: Even though the iPad doesn’t have a camera 🙁 there are a number of apps that you can use that connects your Iphone to your iPad. My thought is that there is going to be an iPad with a camera soon. If apple can make one for the very thin Mac Air then I think a camera for the iPad isn’t going to be much of a problem.
  3. EBook Reader on steroids
  4. Watch Movies on a “flat screen”
  5. Note taking like a legal pad with an app
  6. WiFi
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