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Trevor Morgan CD Photo Shoot

by Peter on March 1, 2011

This week has been full of awesomeness. So that I don’t blow you over with such awesomeness I will share with you just one today. The end of last year I got a call from one of the members of Third Day asking me to do a photo shoot for Trevor Morgan. I only knew Trevor by name and his music but I never had a chance to shake his hand even though I was photographing a tour that in played in.

We only had about a week to pull this off because Christmas was just around the corner so we had to get things moving. In addition, we only had one day available between the both of us so rain checks were out of the question. So the day before the shoot I scouted the terrain and wrote down a very detailed list of shoots that I wanted to get. [Its a funny thing how you can have all these great ideas of shots and when “go time” comes you forget them.]

Well, the morning of the shoot Trevor and I sat down for some Starbucks. This shoot wasn’t about just getting some shots for a CD cover but something that could really communicate the thesis and the heart of his new album. The entire day I expected since it was raining and very cold. Well, we stayed most of the day outside and in a subway. Later that night we headed to the studio. Trevor is someone that you are not going to want to miss. He’s on tour with Third Day so go check him out.
Here are the photos from the CD. See the shots from the day here.

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