April 28, 2011 Peter

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen Buy Delicious From Yahoo

I tried using Delicious a few times but to be honest I wasn’t seeing the point. Sure I could go and see what was important to those around the world but the fact is that I wasn’t friends with 99% of them nor did i have any connection with them. I’m sure that I missed the entire point of bookmarking sites but hopefully Chad and Steve will show me the way. They bought Delicious from Yahoo and I would assume they will create a community that even I can get excited about. If you remember Chad and Steve created Youtube.com. This of course only means that they had a great idea and put it out there for the world to see. Does it mean they can take delicious to the “next level” of social bookmarking? Who knows? One thing is for sure. They have the money and resources to hire the right people and create a working environment for Delicious to dominate. Good Luck Guys!
Read the complete story at the Guardian
A tutorial on Delicious

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