May 5, 2011 Peter

Drive By Shooting And A Dog

This is why you should have your clicker ready. Be it from a phone or a 5k rig you have to be ready to click. When digital cameras weren’t so prevalent you always had to say, “you should have been there” or “I wish I had a camera.” Now there is no excuse!

I was at a stop light, on the phone, talking to a friend when I see the strangest thing. A dog with goggles riding on a back of a motorcycle. I hung up without saying goodbye and rolled down my window and started clicking. I didn’t know how long the red light would last but I wasn’t going to waste anytime. A few seconds later the light turned green and I was off with a few clicks of some cool history.

Tell me about your experience with having your camera at the right place at the right time.

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