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Genevieve’s Preggo Shoot 2011

by Peter on May 31, 2011

Since we have just a few short weeks before the birth of our first child we thought it would be best to get some prego shots that weren’t just her in front of a backdrop like we have done for the past 8 months. I love photographing my clients and I love seeing them create shots for the purpose sharing them with their grandchildren. The tables have turned and now I am photographing my wife for the purpose of sharing them with our child and our grandchildren. We get to say, “Child, this is what your mom looked like a few weeks before seeing you for the first time.” These photographs are going to represent one part of our visual history of our family. I think this is why I like to video. I cherish the photographs I have of my mother and father when they were together. So to be in an era were the opportunity to photograph is ubiquitous there really isn’t a reason to not photograph with the purpose of sharing them with our future generations.

I do want to give a little background on some of these photographs. Genevieve loves the out doors and trees. So with that in mind we found a place to show here in her element. The hardest part about this shoot was the temperature. You can’t really tell by just looking at the photographs but it was about 90 degress with heavy humidity.  I think she did an awesome job. Don’t you?

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