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Behind The Photo: Baby Come Down

by Peter on June 1, 2011

One of the cool things about being married is sharing weird inside jokes and movie quotes. And “Baby Come Down” is one of them. Every mother knows that before birth there is time when the baby shifts down to get ready to say hello to the world. Although that does apply here it’s not the reason I wrote this on her belly. (OH, in case you didn’t know. This is my wife, Genevieve and we’re only a week or two from giving birth to our first child!)

This quote comes from the 2002 movie, The Importance of being Earnest. In fact, I laugh quite hysterically to my self every time I think about it. The first time I saw the movie at the Rialto theater I fell out of my seat with laughter and and following day I bought the play in paper back. So what’s the back story? Here is it.

  • Jack Worthing, is a pillar of the community in Hertfordshire, where he is guardian to Cecily Cardew, the pretty, eighteen-year-old granddaughter of the late Thomas Cardew.
  • For years, Jack has also pretended to have an irresponsible black-sheep brother named Ernest who leads a scandalous life in pursuit of pleasure and is always getting into trouble of a sort that requires Jack to rush grimly off to his assistance.
  • In fact, Ernest is merely Jack’s alibi, a phantom that allows him to disappear for days at a time and do as he likes. No one but Jack knows that he himself is Ernest.
  • Jack is in love with Gwendolen Fairfax, the cousin of his best friend, Algernon Moncrieff. When the play opens, Algernon, who knows Jack as Ernest, has begun to suspect something, having found an inscription inside Jack’s cigarette case addressed to “Uncle Jack” from someone who refers to herself as “little Cecily.”
  • Algernon falls in love with Cecily
  • Cecily and Gwendolen meet they think they are speaking of the same Earnest
  • When Jack and Algernon enter from the garden, the two women confront them. Cecily asks Algernon why he pretended to be her guardian’s brother. Algernon tells her he did it in order to meet her. Gwendolen asks Jack whether he pretended to have a brother in order to come into London to see her as often as possible, and she interprets his evasive reply as an affirmation.

The women get up set and head up to the porch to ignore the two. The only way the men figure they can get them back is to sing….”Lady, Come Down!”


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