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Should A Woman With A Mastectomy Stay In The Hospital Longer Than A Day?

by Peter on June 4, 2011

I’ll most likely never experience this so I wanted to share this article with you to get your thoughts?

Even though the scientific evidence shows that women recover just as well at home after a mastectomy, I don’t believe women should be sent home the day after surgery.

In the late 1990s, the switch was made to sending women home quickly after surgery to remove a breast. The evidence suggested that women recover just as well at home as in the hospital. Prior to that decision, many women were in the hospital for several days — now it is up to doctors whether to keep a woman longer than the initial day of recovery. They need a medical reason for insurance to pay for the extended hospital stay.

But the evidence doesn’t address the emotional impact that breast cancer and losing a breast has on a woman. We especially need time to assess our feelings about losing a breast before returning to our busy lives. Although mastectomy is a less invasive surgery than many others, it can be a highly emotional one. Women just need more support and time to recover emotionally, and for many that might mean the opportunity to stay longer in a health-care facility. I think this would help prepare women for the ravages of treatment and the years it really does take to recover from breast cancer.

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