From Genevieve:

So here’s the sitch: as there was no medical need to induce (baby was monitoring gorgeously and mommy’s been testing great too) ….we’ve been released to go home. for now.  Which may be only for one night or may take the whole weekend… we shall see.  And that’s what this process was about: waiting and seeing – trusting and leaning on an understanding higher than Peter and Genevieve’s.  God directed us with His Peace and thankfully confirmed it with several supportive medical staff at our hospital.

It’s the BEST decision for our little family, but it was NOT an easy one.  How to tell all of our eager friends and family that we purposefully DIDN’T induce when it seemed such an easy choice to have our Baby now?!  It certainly made for an interesting departure as rarely do the pregger-bellies LEAVE the hospital in this state! :DI know we were in the minority  saying “see you in a few….hours or days!!” to our wonderful nurses and midwives.  The One who formed this baby will bring this pregnancy to fruition.  What a lesson I am learning from this baby, and I don’t even know their face yet…

From Peter:

Our baby has been very active, but as you may know there were some borderline concerns so we were admitted to the hospital on Thursday night. Friday afternoon, the midwife suggested that if Genevieve did not dilate rapidly enough, that they were going to have to break her water manually. Once that happened, it was “possible” it would give the baby enough incentive to drop and induce natural child birth.

My question then was, “what happens if it doesn’t work? What happens if our baby goes into distress because there is no cushion because we rushed things?” Once that happens, the likelihood for a C-section birth goes up. (Which of course puts mama in distress.) So my reasoning was, “If our baby is not in distress, then why create a situation that could cause distress?” (How many fathers would willingly put their son or daughter in harms way when everything is going fine?) With that in mind, we decided to let baby Doyle decide if we head back to the hospital in a few days or in a few hours. Thank you so much to all our friends and family for your support and prayers. We will be keeping everyone updated.

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