June 18, 2011 Peter

Poke The Box Is Poking You

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There are more “self-help” books than you can poke a stick at and I can poke it like the best of them. The problem doesn’t lie in buying these books because they can be insightful and give you a moment of objectivity. The problem is we are lazy and a little gluttonous in that we buy and read, buy and read, buy and read the same books over and over. We don’t create anything new other than new profit for the book sellers. The new addiction is finding the right book to solve the ever growing hole of, “if i could just . . . ”

And as a result we think we need more books, more information and more time to organize our thoughts in such a way that we can finally execute our grandest idea yet. But we’re stiff. Stiff from rigor mortis because we don’t have accountability and we don’t take initiative other than buying another book. Without accountability we don’t have to confront the truth of our laziness and without initiative we blame others for our lack of accomplishment.

Seth Godin’s thesis in POKE THE BOX is “create it and ship it.” We must get away from just writing ideas down for the purpose of only becoming dormant and rusty. Poke The Box reminds us that we are accountable to humanity to take initiative. What good is it to think of meaningful ideas if the world doesn’t get to see them? How many people do you think thought of Facebook before the Winklevoss twins shared it with Mark? I think there were plenty. Good grief you should take the time to read the story about Sara, the Spanx Empress on how she created an industry from what millions of women were already doing. How many times have you mentally kicked your self in the shins when you found out that someone else cashed in on the execution a your dormant million dollar idea? Your thoughts, dreams and desires are all waiting to be awaken by you. All you have to do is take the initiative and poke them or rather poke you in the shoulder.

Poke The Box is about getting you to act now and move your ideas to the do-or-die date of shipping them out to the world. So dust off your journal of dreams and magnificent ideas and set a date that you are going to ship it and share them with the world.

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  1. Smcdennon

    Seth is great, he always nails it, short & quick!   Always feels like affirmation for me after i read one of his books or hear him speak:)

    • Anonymous

      He’s definitely insightful. Especially when it comes to getting your name out to the masses. 

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