June 30, 2011 Peter

Our New Son Ezra And His First Week [with photos]


Yesterday marked Ezra’s first 7 days out of the womb and Genevieve and I are loving [although exhausted at times] being parents. What’s even more interesting is realizing that our Baby is here and that we HAVE A BABY IN THE HOUSE!!!!! For example, while watching Netflix with Genevieve in our room Ezra was sleeping soundly in our bed. I whispered, “isn’t it strange to see a baby in our bed?”  ….”yup.”

Summary of birthing Ezra into this world:

  1. Specialist gets nervous because he sees one loop of the umbilical cord around the front of Ezra’s neck and two cords on the back of his neck
  2. Genevieve is admitted into the hospital that night, thursday to be monitored and slightly induced to see if Ezra would come.
  3. Friday comes and Ezra has decided he was more than happy to stay  put for the weekend.
  4. Ezra and Genevieve were monitored all night and both of them  looked great.
  5. Doctors wanted to break her water but Genevieve and I weren’t ready to do that so we left.
  6. Genevieve started having contractions on Monday and we headed to the Hospital on Tuesday.
  7. Genevieve had major and “some-kinda-fiercy” contractions all tuesday night and wednesday afternoon.
  8. Wednesday night we started the process of getting Ezra out but he was too big so we had to do a c-section
  9. Ezra came out with 4 (that’s right 4) loops of umbilical cord around his neck (the doctor said he never seen that before)
  10. Ezra came out healthy with a weight of 9 lbs and 11oz

I don’t know if I’ll ever post it but I did video Ezra coming into this world. You actually see him coming out of Genevieve’s abdomen.  Leave a comment and let me know if I should post it.

Here are a few photos below from that past week. Enjoy!

His First Night In His Crib

Waiting to go in to the operating room

Getting To Know One Another Man to Man

A Mother And Her Son

Trying To Get This Guy To Stay Asleep

Up Close And Personal

I Promise You He Slept This Way

VERY VERY TIRED! Only Got 1 Hour Of Sleep The Night Before

In Protected Arms

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  1. www.kayharmon.com

    Love this! Congratulations again!
    Please, don’t post. Ewww heebie jeebies! 😉

  2. www.kayharmon.com

    Love this! Congratulations again!
    Please, don’t post. Ewww heebie jeebies! 😉

  3. www.kayharmon.com

    Love this! Congratulations again!
    Please, don’t post. Ewww heebie jeebies! 😉

  4. Gabrielleaapri

    Love the pictures Peter! Thank you for sharing:) I didn’t know the chord was wrapped around 4 times! God is so good!

  5. JoAnna Adkins

    he’s beautiful, Peter? I cant believe he already has rolls!!!! I vote for video. Ive seen a bunch of natural births but never a csection…im kind of curious. And im in awe that they let you take a video bc we werent even allowed still photos til my kids were out?!?!?

  6. Betty N. Bridgers

    He is a handsome little boy ! Congrad. to both of you. I know you are proud.

  7. Missy Mac

    So beautiful!  It is the most magical time in your life!  Congratulations!!

  8. Elainestephens

    I have been waiting for more pictures- thank you for posting.  What a beautiful family you have!

  9. Amyjeffreysmomof3

    Congrats Peter! What a beautiful baby! Love the name too..you wife is awesome to have gone through what she did to get him here…prayers for you all in these next few weeks!

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