As of today I’m offering a wedding collection that costs my clients NOTHING to photograph their wedding and reception! That’s right they pay me $0.00 to show up and photograph their wedding and reception. Because no other photographer, at least that I could find, does this I thought I would say it twice.

Here are the Particulars:

  1. The wedding has to be within in 3 months of the signed contract.
  2. The photography time limit is 5 hours.
  3. Client pays the photographer’s travel to the wedding.
  4. Client pays for ONLY THE PHOTOGRAPHS that they want from an online gallery.


Great Question. I know of a number of couples who waited until the last minute to secure their wedding photographer only to find out that the photographer is going to charge two to three times their normal rates. In addition, photographers tend to give more photographs that the client needs. That’s right, I said “needs.”  Do brides and grooms want to see thousands of photographs from a 8 hour wedding? I don’t think so. I’m letting the client determine what photographs are important to them. All of their photographs will be uploaded online, and if they want one or all of them they can purchase their most meaningful photos.

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