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What If Steve Jobs Battled Breast Cancer

by Peter on October 7, 2011

Thanks to Steve Jobs he makes stupid people feel smart with a simple press of a button. Everything Windows made me think that I should have chosen a computer programing degree to ever become adept at placing text on videos. No one can deny his innovation and success at creating what no one thought they needed. I quickly tossed my beloved flip phone at the first sight of the Iphone and don’t get me started about the Ipod and my love of heavy and very full CD cases. What I’ve seen in the breast cancer community of advocates, survivors, and the medical industry is a lot of awareness but not a lot of research and not a lot of advances. Don’t get me wrong, Ralph Steinman and the development of immunotherapy is a great advancement but where is the visionary who is battling breast cancer?

What I hear is that Steve ran a tight ship and demanded excellence. Where is that in medical innovation. Granted medical innovation is not as sexy as the iphone and finding a cure for something that has a mind of its own is difference than building technology. But where is the determination that we have seen in Job’s Apple? Windows is like todays medical innovation. It’s there and it grows from time to time but Apple has creates innovation. They don’t necessarily improve products they create new categories of technology.

I would love to see a CEO like Jobs in the medical industry.  Just imagine what that would be like.

Everyone has ideas but not everyone can execute innovation from those ideas. And on top of that there aren’t many people in the world today who can make their idea a BILLION DOLLAR IDEA. I wish and more importantly pray that there is someone out there who has the creativity and will like Steve Jobs to change the face of the world with medicine.

Thank you for the idea of this post.

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